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Special Events and Announcements


On 2nd May 2017 Glen Gauld was initiated as an Entered Apprentice proposed by his grandfather Angus Adam and seconded by David Goldie Secretary

The picture on the left shows Angus with the RWM and on the right with his grandson Glen

Glen will be passed to Fellow of the Craft on 16th May 2017 and raised by Thistle Operative to Master Mason on 30th May 2017

Ceremony at 1A Wellington Street, Dundee


This weekend ( 20th May ) we say goodbye to our Senior Deacon as he heads to London to take up a new job .

We wish him and his family well and hope that he will keep in touch.






The Lodge will be in recess during June, July and August and will resume on 5th September 2017

Members may wish to note that towards the end of October, Ronald James Knowles PM, at a ceremony yet to be arranged and confirmed, will be presented with his 70 year Masonic Diploma.

Full details later